Welcome to the Rosedale Child Care Centre

We look forward to working with you to provide quality child care for your child in a safe and secure yet stimulating environment. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.


Mission Statement

"The Rosedale Child Care Centre is an early childhood educational centre that is dedicated to promoting opportunities for all children to grow and develop at their own rate in a safe environment."


The Rosedale Child Care Centre has been operating since September 2006.


At the Rosedale Child Care Centre we believe that:


The Child Care Programs offered at the Rosedale Child Care Centre provide opportunities for the child to make choices and follow teacher-oriented activities. The child will learn and develop skills through play and experiences.

Basic Routine Includes:

The purpose of this is to promote problem-solving skills; to build self-confidence; to build independence as well as encourage creativity within the child.

The program will follow themes set in advance. Families will be notified of the activities that the child will take part in, through monthly newsletters and calendars.

The After School Care Program allows the older child time to burn energy and unwind after a busy day at school. The children will have time to work on homework and take part in many other fun activities.

Our Centre provides an inclusive environment that allows all children typical and children with extra support needs to attend.

Therefore, at times there may be additional staff providing extra support in the program.

The Rosedale Child Care Centre 3-5 Child Care Program and the 4 year-old Preschool Program use the "Fun Family Phonics Program" by Muriel Endersby (Naismith). This unique method of teaching phonics was invented to give life to these symbols and give them meaning to the child, as well as provide a memory hook between the symbol and the sound that the letter makes.

Message from Tracy Larson, Owner/Director:

My mission has always been to provide the Rosedale/East Chilliwack children and Families with the best quality child care centre. The Rosedale Child Care Centre started small and has continued the same sense of family-like environment which is how we provide the quality care. We've created a home away from home for children, that sets the parents' mind at ease knowing they are well cared for. The parents who enrol their children with our centre have all been recommended by another parent or a friend of a friend. Parents know that at our centre we provide a stimulated, enriching environment which helps their child grow and develop at their own rate.